What is Sustainability?  

For our team at Earthtown, sustainability has two sides; 1 is sourcing the best products and sending them to our customers and 2 is the support of initiatives that help to preserve our natural environments and their biodiversity.

For sourcing and sending the products we take a circular economy type approach to ensure that each stage in our work is being done as well as possible.

The Circular Economy looks at different stages in product lifecycle to enable focus on each. These stages include;

  • Product design (perhaps for a longer life, or able to replace spare parts)

  • Packaging design (such as less unnecessary plastic)

  • Use of raw, recycled and/or sustainably produced raw materials from mines, farms, oceans or forests (maybe using recycled cardboard instead of virgin)

  • Manufacturing process (looking at location, factory efficiency, ethics and sustainable inputs)

  • Distribution (for us this means getting each item from the manufacturer to us as efficiently as we can. Minimise transport per item)

  • Sending to customers (we use recycled and minimalist packaging, free of plastic)

  • Maximising the reuse or recycling of waste products (cardboard boxes, kitchen scraps, etc are reused or recycled)

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