Mini - Manifesto on Low Impact Lifestylin'

Low impact lifestylin' is how we've summed it up. 

We love life, what we can contribute and what we experience but we're often disenchanted with what a mess humanity has made of the planet. This is what compelled us to start Earthtown.

It quickly became apparent that having an online business selling more products was contributing to the problem as much as it was helping so we're making some running alterations as we go.

1. Our big hairy audacious goal is to take a fun and rewarding trip with our customers to a lifestyle that restores the planet's natural environments through less and lower impact resource consumption, that's also more creative and substantial.

2. We use our experience in ethical manufacturing companies, recycling companies and just living the good life to find the best products and information for our customers.

3. We seek local manufacturers and direct our customers to them to buy direct to avoid extra packaging and transport

4. We offer products that are global leaders in low impact manufacturing to our customers where there are no local manufacturers or artisans.

5. All of our products must be beautifully designed and made with robust quality. This is so our customers will desire them more, fall in love with them and keep them until they wear out. Long lasting products go a long way to solving our resource use issues.

6. We are focussed on what is good for the natural environment will need to make complex decisions about what is better. But we welcome our customers input throughout the journey.

7. To our customer's letterbox we will consider manufacturer ethics, design, materials, location, packaging, transport and also cast judgement on whether a product should even exist as part of a low impact lifestyle.

8. We love our Earthtown business and its ideals and so will work for our customers as a fun, diligent and creative team to provide insane value through information, inspiration and service. We hope you love it too!

Enjoying Outdoor
We love hearing from our customers

In this dynamic world we inhabit, we would love to hear about how you think Earthtown should do more. You can tell us by connecting with us on facebook or sending us an email at