When we started we wanted to know that we were genuinely contributing to a more sustainable way of doing things. The first challenge was whether online shopping at Earthtown is more sustainable than buying your sustainable products at a bricks and mortar store.

It turns out, in all studies done, that online shopping is less expensive and more sustainable. The cost of freight to your door has a low footprint compared with making the trip in your own vehicle, finding and requiring a car parking space, walking through the mall and requiring a shopfront as opposed to a building that can double as a warehouse and a shop on many occasions.

Knowing that we were providing the best option for our customers, what steps do we take internally to make our operations as sustainable (and inexpensive) as possible?


  1. We focus on stock management to reduce the likelihood of special orders or high freight costs per item.

  2. We choose items that are either sustainably manufactured or locally sourced to reduce the impact of the product. This may include organic products, use of recycled materials, fair trade suppliers, sustainable agricultural or manufacturing practices or limited edition and seasonal products.

  3. Our operations only buy or consume inputs that we really need to avoid excess consumption

  4. Of course we recycle and minimise waste to landfill by avoiding packaging waste where possible and separating for recycling

  5. We use the local community owned energy company and have plans to be solar powered in the near future

  6. Our associated companies are involved in waste minimisation and business recycling projects as well as promoting and facilitating the increased uptake of solar power

  7. One of Earthtown’s objectives is to actively support the preservation of our natural environments and their biodiversity. We will soon have an established fund which will help our customers contribute to that cause with maximum effect.​

Tell us about your sustainability initiatives and also how we can be doing better

We love hearing from our customers. What products would you like to see? What can we tell others about? How can we improve our own operations and team habits? You can tell us by connecting with us on facebook or sending us an email at

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