If you’ve ever stumbled upon a bed of Poppies in flower you will know how enchanting they are. Their bright pink & red delicate petals and serated green leaves appear as if out of a fairytale.

A sweet and thoughtful gift which keeps on giving, this greeting card includes poppy seeds, a tear-away plant label as shown, and sowing instructions in one beautifully illustrated package.

Best sown in autumn and winter, scatter seeds in full sun and cover with only a very thin layer of soil.

Sow n' Sow Gift of Seeds - Poppy

    • Made in Australia
    • 100% Recycled Paper
    • Includes an illustrative plant label to mark where the seeds are planted
    • Comes with a recycled kraft envelope for mailing
    • Shirley, Papaver rhoeas Click here for more information on Poppies.