Sick of unloading your groceries to find a melon has squashed your loaf?

Seed & Sprout's Pocket Tote Shopping Bag is practical beyond belief - you’ll only realise how awesome it is after you start using it. 


  • Made from sturdy GOTS certified organic canvas
  • 6 large internal pockets keep things organised, balance weights and stop jars and veg from banging up against each other 
  • Carries an average of 3 standard bag loads
  • Neutral tones, minimalist design

Use & Care Instructions

  • Wash in Cold water with a mild detergent, they are organic cotton so can handle a wash
  • Line dry to prevent shrinkage!

Why are the pockets not closed at the bottom? The pockets aren't closed as that's how you can fit bottles and jars in there without putting too much strain on the bag. 

Seed & Sprout Pocket Tote Shopping Bag