Certified Organic 79% and 100% Naturally Derived

Description: A daily facial and body scrub that will assist in removing dead skin cells, loosen ingrown hairs and provide vitality to the skin.

Ideal for: All men especially those who frequently get ingrown hairs.

How does it work?: By removing the dead skin cells and excess dirt and grime the scrub leaves the skin smooth for a closer shave.

How to use: Use morning or night, 1-2 times weekly after cleansing. Apply a little onto damp skin and gently massage over face, neck and body. Avoid the eye area. Rinse off thoroughly.

Sanctum Men's Face & Body Scrub 150gm

  • Calendula Flower Extract - Derived from the Bilberry, it acts as a natural deodorizing agent.

    Luffa, Rice Bran - A gentle exfoliant, smooths and softens the skin for a radiant appearance.

    Licorice Extract - Excellent healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Black Walnut Shell Extract - Sloughs away dead skin cells and refines the skin surface.

  • Sanctum have been making 100% natural skin care since 1992. They followed closely the rise of Organic skin and body care with interest and in 2005 reformulated their entire range to become certified organic in 2006.

    Sanctum has certification through the Organic Food Chain Pty Ltd and proudly bears their logo on all of their products which gives you the confidence that you are buying a product that is truly organic by nature.

    It's what's inside that counts.