Designed for a lifetime of use - the smartest choice for people and planet

The 20oz Joco Flask is Artisan blown from high-grade borosilicate glass and features a naturally antibacterial olive wood lid & velvet touch non-slip grip for a refined drinking experience. Certified non-toxic, stain & odour resistant. Reusable bottles have never been so stylish.

  • Considered architecture featuring wide mouth design and steady flow function
  • Engineered twist-lock plug lid instills confidence to stash and stow while providing quick and easy access to your hydration
  • Easy to clean and ice cube receptive


  • Precisely formulated, artisan blown borosilicate glass
  • Precisely formulated, premium grade silicone
  • Italian olive wood, finished with walnut oil*
  • Certified non-toxic, LFGB approved, Bisophenol (BPA, BPF, BPS, EA) free
  • 20oz / 600ml
  • Waist width 76mm
  • Height 202mm


Velvet grip
A unique formulation showcasing a translucent lustre for a heightened visual experience while providing anti-slip functionality with a premium velvet touch. The ultimate grip with a sleek, minimalist design for a pure drinking experience.

Artisan blown glass

  • Artist Blown – Made by artists NOT machines.
  • Crafted from high-grade borosilicate glass
  • Etch and thermal shock resistant
  • lightweight and durable, with optimal clarity.

Antibacterial olive wood lid
The hand-crafted Italian wood lid is non-porous, naturally antibacterial and odour resistant. The external of the lid has been coated with a pure walnut oil*.

* Walnut oil, although heat treated may contain traces of nut allergens. Walnut oil is an important health supplement and has antimicrobial properties. It also features a proven calming aroma, enhancing your daily hydration

JOCO Flask – Velvet Grip Black 20oz