Hi, our name is earthtown.

We are here to source products that are the best choices for our planet. We find high quality products, designed beautifully, that use the most sustainable materials and are made in the most ethical way. We source items from local, niche and creative suppliers that we know are a responsible, fun and satisfying choice for you, our customers.

Our view is that the world is changing but rather than pigheadedly battling against the establishment in an effort to get things fixed, we want to build a utopian little town where we bask in the joys of the planet.

With a background in ethical outdoor adventure gear, waste and recycling and all things sustainable, we wanted to create a store where our customers can shop confident that the product they are buying is the best alternative for habitat preservation and biodiversity around the globe. Even those products are often made in China or other international destinations so we are passionately seeking out local products that we can help distribute.

We will also feature limited edition products often associated with local craftsfolk and artisan manufacturers. We love finding these people and their products!

To be honest, we want to provide our customers with awesome products that they need and will use a lot until they are totally worn out. To this end Earthtown will also be providing alternatives to some of our products if you want to take the next step in sustainability.

We hope Earthtown will become truly a small town where you can visit to experience the latest, funkiest and most responsible sustainable products.

We want to hear from our customers about what they would like to see us do more of. Not just products you would like to see but actions you would like us to take to bring information and inspiration about sustainability to the world.

You can do this by connecting with us on facebook or sending us an email at

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