Christmas Presents that Keep on Giving

There's no time like Christmas for fun with family and friends and the unrivalled peak of giving (and getting) presents. We love the festive season too and relish the idea of giving to someone special something special. What we really get a kick out of though is seeing our gifts being used day in, day out and knowing that the sweet joy of opening the present endures. Here's some of our favourite items for gifts that were made beautifully and sustainably.

1. Urban Originals Overnight Bag

Made from luscious waxed canvas material, the UO Overnight Bag looks the goods for a mid-COVID local trip. Perfect for the type of travel we're all looking forward to over the coming months, it loves being packed with all of your gear for a weekend or longer. Its got zippers, handles and pockets that will last and, as the folk from UO say, it looks "drop dead gorgeous."

2. Blunt Umbrella Flox Limited Edition

We had to look long and hard for the best option for umbrellas that were kind to our planet. The Blunt brollies are made with impeccable quality so the materials and mechanisms keep on keeping on during rain, hail and shine. And the bonus is that they make cool designs like the Flox collaboration which celebrates the natural plants and animals of Australia and our New Zealand neighbours.

3. Cheeki Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle

Our family has had many a water bottle but the Cheeki bottles have been our faves. They have been shown no mercy as daily school bottles, been kicked around the beach and bush and filled with everything from tank water to smoothies to picnic cocktails. The outside wears the scratch and dint scars but the stainless steel inside is the same as the day we bought it. Pick your favourite colour and take it with you everywhere!

4. Joco Artist Series Cup

The Joco reusable cups are a little something special. Artisan blown glass with a Lars Huse design inspired by the Norwegian marine environment. They are plastic free, hand made and perfectly shaped for the ultimate beverage on the go.

5. Retro Kitchen Dish Cloth

OK so not everyone will appreciate a dish cloth for Christmas but if your loved one has a passion for cleaning up then the Retro Kitchen dish cloths make a sweet small gift. The beauty of them is that they're compostable when they've hit their expiry date. That doesn't mean they disintegrate when you're scrubbing the frypan but it does mean that you'll get many hours of waste free washing while you admire your design of choice. We love the donkey in our sink.

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